CentovaCast vs WHMSonic

Centova Cast vs WHMSonic

Which radio stream hosting Control Panel is right for you? Let us give you the facts on Centova Cast vs WHMSonic. We make it understandable so you can make the right decision.

Centova Cast

Centova Cast is world’s most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel. Regardless of what your level of expertise in radio is, you can manage a radio station with ease. Choose the maximum amount of listener slots you need for your radio station. You can upgrade easily as your fan base grows. Next you determine how much disk space is required to store your MP3’s. You then click “View Package” to make your selection and have your radio instantly setup.


WhmSonic is a very popular user-friendly WHM/Cpanel plugin that allows you to upload your MP3’s to create playlists. With this control panel you can give live broadcasters and DJ’s their own password and port. This way they can fade into the Auto DJ already playing on a separate port. This will prevent any stream drops. Plus the Auto DJ will take over broadcasting when the DJ logs out of the stream.

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Control Panels: Centova Cast vs WHMSonic

Centova cast vs WHMSonic? Which radio stream hosting Control Panel is right for you? Let us give you the facts and make it understandable, so you can make the right decision.

Key features Centova Cast

• Easy web-based stream configuration
• AutoDJ support with powerful playlist scheduler
• Drag-and-drop AJAX media library
• Comprehensive statistics and royalty reports
• Automatic stream monitoring/restarting
• Feature-rich, automatic station home pages
• Amazon integration to display albums

Key features WHMSonic

• Works with MP3 and AAC+
• Download radio scripts and tools
• Includes flash player embed code as well as links for Media Player, Real Player and Winamp
• Xfade on different port for live DJs
• Relay features
• Make your playlists with automix and shuffle feature
• Administrate your Shoutcast configuration and stream